Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tea Towels, Life, and the Oxford Comma

Firstly, hello! It's been a while, but for good reason. I'm hoping to revive the blog - but before I do, I thought I should probably explain my absence a little bit. As you might already know, my other half and I own a business called selling tea towels with design by some of the best illustrators / animators / graphic designers around. We were very quickly running out of space, so went on the hunt for business premises. We found an awesome little shop space not far from where we live, which we managed to get! The last 4/5 months has been spent setting it up and getting used to the life of shop owners. This has not left much time for anything else!

We called the shop Comma because Sally is a grammar geek, and we filled it with wonderous objects - mostly made by the individual artists that we were already working with. Our sign (see photo above) was painted by the incredibly talented Ben Javens, and we have a wall mural in the shop by the one and only Gemma Correll! It's such an amazing place to come to work every day. Here are some pics...