Saturday, 22 November 2008

Roger Hiorn's 'Seizure'

I popped into London yesterday to visit an amazing art installation. Roger Hiorn has created 'Seizure' - an exhibition that was due to close at the beginning of November, but has been extended until the end of November (30th). In a rather unassuming area of London, a flat (part of a derelict block) has been turned into what can only be described as Superman's summer palace. Every wall, floor, ceiling and even the bath has been coated in blue copper sulphate crystals. To create this marvel the flat was sealed up completely, and copper sulphate solution was poured through the floor of the flat above. It took 70,000 litres of the toxic liquid and nearly 3 weeks - then the flat was drained leaving the alien looking scene. You are given wellies when you get there, so there is no need to wear anything protective. This is definitely something to go see before the exhibition is closed and the block of flats are demolished!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Vitamin Water - Hangover Relief Arrives

I've been over to New York a couple of times, and while there I became addicted to Vitamin Water - a drink from a New York based company that rehydrates along with pumping you full of vitamins and minerals. Even better - they look pretty and taste great! These have got me through some pretty heavy hungover morning meetings! Glacéau (the company) have just released 6 varieties at selected stockists in and around London (I found some in Brighton). Give Power-c a try (my favourite) with vitamins c+b.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Graham Carter - Wonder Years at ink_d

While in Brighton I discovered the work of an artist called Graham Carter - his work was on the wall in an amazing antique shop and it drew us in. We found out from the owner that there is currently an exhibition of his work on in a lovely little gallery called ink_d. There were quite a lot of pieces of his work up from sale - ranging from unsigned woodcuts (from memory they were around £30) to multi-layered acrylic pieces (costing £2k+). I loved Bird Strike (pictured) which features little rabbits jumping from a crashed burning plane - try and spot the one having a cup of tea! The show is on until the 30th November if you get chance to pay a visit.

Lucky Dips, Sugar Lips

I never could eat donuts without licking my lips - here's a super sexy and colourful collection of photos of people that I think would be quite good at it...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

1st Rule of Rum Club...

So, we've just been to Brighton as an after wedding getaway, so expect a few Brighton posts coming up :) To kick things off though here's a tip for all the rum drinkers out there like me. We came across the Saint James pub while walking back to the hotel. The sign outside read 'Hot Toddy made from homemade spiced rum' - I've never entered a pub as fast! It turns out that the Saint James is a lovely atmospheric pub, that has over 70 varieties of rum! Over 70! They also hold a rum club on the first Tuesday of every month (at 8pm), so if you are in the area, you should definitely go. They also serve what looked like the most amazing Thai food - if only we hadn't booked a restaurant (I can imagine I would have been there all night). My recommendation from the rum list is the Santa Teresa Rhum Orange - a gorgeously smooth orange based spiced rum.

Monday, 10 November 2008

The Ice Cream Floats, Yum!

Apologies for not posting for a bit - I've been off getting married! I thought I'd spring back into life with something cute to keep everyone interested. Here's a band I've been listening to for a while now - I have to admit that I'm addicted to their home made sounds... The Ice Cream Floats consist of Tipper Newton and Joe Swanberg. They don't seem to have released an album, but that's understandable considering Joe is an amazing indie film maker / director and Tipper is a wonderful actress! Check out their myspace page to have a listen to them in all their glory (I love 'Sundae' and 'Gumdrop Tree'). I'm desperate to see one of the films Joe has made called 'Hannah Take the Stairs'. It looks ace! Check it out...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Kingston MA Graduation Show at OXO Tower

I went to London on Saturday to go to the Kingston University MA Graduation Show. It was held in the Bargehouse Gallery at OXO tower wharf on South Bank, which is a gorgeous building. The work on show was amazing, and unique in every way. There was everything from illustration, animation, set design, fashion and more - it's interesting to see how diverse one graduation show can be. This was the last step to graduating for my amazing friend Rachel - it's incredible how talented one person can be! You can see her work (called 'British Aisles') on her web site.