Thursday, 5 February 2009

Everyone's Gone Snow Crazy!

We don't often get a lot of snow in the UK, but when we do things go a bit loco. Some people don't go to work. The other people drive too fast and crash, so there are hundreds of minor accidents - this is why I don't drive in the snow! Anyway, I'm meant to be working, but I can't concentrate because of the amazing white glow outside. I took this picture while walking this morning - some kids had built a massive snowman in the middle of the road. Good work! I was also involved in a drive-by snow balling. Someone threw a snowball at me from a moving car - it made me laugh, so thanks for that!


machi said...

wow that is a massive snow man, impressive!!

Dave Emery said...

I know! All the buses were having to slow down to get past it.