Friday, 26 June 2009

Play It Again - On The Streets!

What better way to bring communities together than a good old sing song!? I'm off to London tomorrow, and I'm planning to try and find some of the street pianos - 30 pianos placed around London in public places as part of the City of London Festival. Anyone can have a tinkle on the old ivories, although I'm hoping that I might bump into Chas and Dave! The piano in Lyric Square (Hammersmith) will have a pro playing Irish classics tomorrow between 1 and 3pm. If you can play, you should come along and give it your best Stevie Wonder!

Pic from Getty - via Daily Mirror site.


machi said...

did you find a piano? that's such a fun idea!

Dave Emery said...

Unfortunately we didn't have time, but Fraser did. The one on Carnaby street had people taking it in turn to have a play!