Monday, 2 November 2009

Going Dutch

We have just spent an amazing long weekend in Holland - The Hague to be precise. It's such a lovely city - not just criminal courts! I don't normally do high street shops as every high street in the UK pretty much looks the same. It's not until you venture somewhere special that you find interesting quirky shops (like Columbia Rd in London, for example). The nice thing about being in foreign climes is that even the high street shops are new and exciting! My favourites this time were Dille and Kamille and V&D. Dille and Kamille (the last two pictures) is a gorgeous shop that sells all the basics that you could possibly need for the home. It's a treasure trove of everything from gorgeous natural bent-wood chairs to kitchen utensils I didn't even know I needed! V&D is a department store, but the food counters had me drooling. The marzipan fruits (above) and the bizarre hog roast styled pigs (below) really did taste as good as they looked!

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