Saturday, 11 October 2008



I thought that the first post on my blog should really explain a bit more about me. Let's be honest - you don't want to spend time reading something you are destined to hate, and there are so many blogs out there!

What makes me different? I'm a boy. Really a man that refers himself as a boy. That doesn't make me different, I'm sure. I love design and aesthetics in all walks of life. I walk down the street pointing at all the pretty things that I see to whoever is with me. I'm nearly married. I'm obsessive about getting things right. It's all in the detail. I love hyphens - I will overuse them! I think Burt Reynold is a genius. I try to be funny. I'm from 'the north', but I now live in Oxford, England.

What do I intend my blog to be about? Well... Everything and anything really. The latest lovely things I've seen. Designs and designers that take my fancy. Technology, but not too geeky. Life. Music. Art. Food. All the things in between.

I'll try to post regularly - I don't want this to be end up in the blog graveyard! Comments, Questions and Feedback of any kind are always welcome.

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