Saturday, 22 November 2008

Roger Hiorn's 'Seizure'

I popped into London yesterday to visit an amazing art installation. Roger Hiorn has created 'Seizure' - an exhibition that was due to close at the beginning of November, but has been extended until the end of November (30th). In a rather unassuming area of London, a flat (part of a derelict block) has been turned into what can only be described as Superman's summer palace. Every wall, floor, ceiling and even the bath has been coated in blue copper sulphate crystals. To create this marvel the flat was sealed up completely, and copper sulphate solution was poured through the floor of the flat above. It took 70,000 litres of the toxic liquid and nearly 3 weeks - then the flat was drained leaving the alien looking scene. You are given wellies when you get there, so there is no need to wear anything protective. This is definitely something to go see before the exhibition is closed and the block of flats are demolished!

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