Sunday, 4 October 2009

Open Doors

So it's a bit late posting about an event that took place over 2 weeks ago, but I figure this is one for the diary next year. On the 12th-13th October this year Oxford Preservation Trust organised Oxford Open Doors - an event that spanned our amazing city, and opened normally closed off places to the general public. We met some awesome people that day - even getting a private guided tour of Christ Church Cathedral by one of the super friendly cleaners! It's incredible to think what's hidden behind those enormous walls, and it was a real privilege to have a sneak peek at just a small portion (so thanks OPT)! The pictures included here are just a small collection of those I snapped - see what you missed!?

The St. Frideswide Window by Edward Burne-Jones in 1858. I was told that the window was originally designed for a bigger space, but was shrunk to fit this window (hence why it is so colourful and busy). In the bottom right, above the death bed of St. Frideswide is a depiction of a flushing toilet - a new invention in those days.

The small green door in the Cathedral garden allegedly meant to have inspired the small door that Alice travels through in Alice in Wonderland.

The massive Jabberwocky Tree in Christ Church Cathedral gardens - said to have been the inspiration for The Jabberwocky Poem by Lewis Carroll. You can just about see the pillars in the background used to support the tree!

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